• SPFT members on the picket line in 2016 to support the Minnesota Nurses.

  • Toward the end of negotiations, members, parents, and community allies rallied at the district office for a contract settlement.

  • SPFT members joined with students and community members to stand up for immigrants in our community.

  • A member who teaches at Maxfield holds signs on an I-94 overpass before President Trump is inaugurated.

SPFT counts 3,400 teachers, Educational Assistants, and School & Community Service Professionals in Saint Paul Public Schools as members. Our officers, executive board members, building stewards, organizers, and office staff are committed to defending and improving the rights of our members guaranteed under the contracts our members negotiate.

We believe that we are stronger together. For nearly 100 years, SPFT has a tradition of initiating policies that improve our public schools using collective action. Together, we are a powerful force for justice, change, and democracy.

Because our students’ learning conditions are our working conditions, it is not enough to simply bargain for increased wages and better benefits. Our schools do not exist in a vacuum, so we must think about the broader community.

In recent years, our members have successfully advocated for smaller class sizes, necessary school staffing improvements, increased opportunities for family engagement, and the use of Restorative Practices in our district. We were able to win these victories at the same time that we fought for fair compensation and benefits for our members. Together we can make sure that Saint Paul Public Schools meet the needs of all of our students and provide supportive and positive workplaces.

Anyone whose job is classified as being in the teacher, Educational Assistant, or the School and Community Service Professional bargaining units is eligible to join the SPFT! To join contact Julie Hawkins at (651) 222-7303 or